Anabelle, her team and family gather for the first time around her ocean rowing boat, direct from Sweden.

Picture // Adèle Photographie 2022
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On her first outing on Lake Brompton, Mylène teaches her protégée Anabelle the basics of ocean rowing.

Picture // Adèle Photographie 2022
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For her first outing on the water, Anabelle is joined by friends. Excitement abounds. It’s the start of a beautiful adventure of cooperation, fraternity and surpassing oneself.

Picture // André Belzile 2022
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This is the first time that Anabelle’s family, team, partners and boat have all been together. Bravo to her for such incredible leadership!

Picture // Adèle Photographie 2022
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A short break from rowing for Anabelle with one of her biggest fans; Léontine, Mylène’s daughter. This relationship goes far beyond mentoring!

Picture // Adèle Photographie 2022
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Coaching Adventurers


Since her solo crossing of the North Atlantic, Mylène has inspired many through her lectures and workshops for professionals and students and her media appearances. She’s now taking the adventure a step further by mentoring young adventurers and helping them make their dreams a reality.

Anabelle Guay

La Grande Traversée

Anabelle Guay is a twentysomething psychology student from the Eastern Townships who advocates for inclusion in sports and outdoors activities. She plans to hike, bike and row the 1,250 km that separate Saint-Denis-de-Brompton and the Îles-de-la-Madeleine!
Mylène has lent her support in many regards, from the choice of boat, rowing techniques and training regimen to the financial and mental aspects of the journey. She shares what she learned on her adventures to help Anabelle avoid some of the challenges she experienced while preparing for her crossing. 



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L’équipe de Mylène lui réserve toute une surprise; une rencontre avec la grande dame de l’océan, le Queen Mary 2!
Soudainement Mylène touche au plafond de son embarcation, elle renverse son chocolat chaud… que se passe t’il? Humberto fait son entrée!
Mylène tourne en rond, si les vents sont contraires, la nature, elle, lui réserve de belles surprises. Des baleines lui rendent visite!
La navigatrice redoute les hauts fonds des Terre-Neuve, elle hésite, mais elle se lance, elle n’est déçue du résultat.


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