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Ceaselessly fine-tuning her trajectory, staying the course and sharing her progress with her team are all things Mylène has done countless times.

And she can tell you all about surrounding yourself with the right people and keeping them motivated and up to date on advancements.

Always one to value training and research in both the preparation and execution of her adventures, Mylène shares what she has learned through workshops.



Drawing inspiration from her adventures, Mylène offers tailored training workshops. These interactive workshops are designed in collaboration with managers to cover specific topics and provide a durable impact.

The interactive exchange presents an opportunity to go off the beaten path and challenge your teams thanks to the nature of the tasks assigned and, above all, the original scenarios based on Mylène’s singular experiences. 

30 to 180 min.
In person or as a live webinar.
Topics and number of participants are determined based on your needs.




I had the pleasure of serving as honorary president of the Nature-Québec fundraising campaign during which Mylène gave a talk. I was thrilled to listen to her generously share her experience. Mylène is an energetic and articulate communicator. She knows how to balance anecdotes, her history and what she has learned along the way. She prompts a very inspiring and legitimate philosophical discussion. A moving encounter.

Marc Picard

Director General at Caisse d’économie solidaire Desjardins

I’ve attended many talks over the years and never have I felt so many different emotions over the course of a single event. Thanks to Mylène’s gift for storytelling, she took our whole group along with her on her adventure to relive intense, nail-biting moments as she made history on the Atlantic. She communicates with candour and humour, connecting her experiences with our own reality and providing lessons that reach beyond the professional setting. Simply brilliant!

Martin Bernier, MBA

Chief Information Officer at University of Ottawa

Have you attended Mylène Paquette’s talk? I have. And I can say that, in addition to being captivated by her absolutely incredible journey, I was deeply charmed by the authenticity and strength of this inspiring woman. I recommend that everyone go hear Mylène speak. You will learn a lot of life lessons, even if you don’t intend to cross the ocean alone in a rowboat! Bravo, Mylène!

Brigitte Jalbert

President, Les Emballages Carrousel inc.

I had the great privilege of having Mylène as a speaker and spending some time with her. Her adventure shows us the importance of collaboration, of how important it is to persevere despite the obstacles we face. She also explains how she overcame the many obstacles she had to contend with. Beyond her conference, Mylène is a caring, engaging and extremely humble person. Simply WOW! #Attitude

Fréderic Tracey

HR Support to Business Units at IBM Canada Ltd.

I recommended that Mylène give a talk at my office, and she did not disappoint! Aside from being an excellent communicator, she can tailor her content to reflect the issues the company wants to focus on. Many people were skeptical as they had attended similar talks in the past, but they were very pleasantly surprised to see how Mylène adapts her content so that it’s relevant to everyone in the company, people at every level, all the way up to senior management.

Jennifer Dyal

National Manager, Litigation Practitioner Support at Smart & Biggar


Pour Mylène l’aventure est un jeu sérieux où il n’y a ni gagnant ni perdant. La capacité d’adaptation et de prise de décision font toute la différence. Dans son rôle de conseillère, Mylène continue à être inspirée par d’autres aventuriers.
Mylène développe son assurance et sa capacité à pouvoir dire non. Ce processus s’est fait tout naturellement à travers les échanges avec ses mentors et continue d’évoluer maintenant qu’elle-même est devenue mentore et redonne à son tour.
In the form of a letter, Mylène writes a veritable eulogy to the sea.
Son corps lui apprend patiemment à prendre soin d’elle, et soutient Mylène à garder un mental fort pour tenir et surtout pour y arriver, au bon moment!


Find out about the different types of encounters with Mylène: seminars, pop-ups, training workshops and customized video capsules.


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