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Here’s a series of questions that are regularly asked of Mylène and her team. Find out more about her conferences and workshops! 

Indeed! She certainly does! Although she’s not as brilliant or funny in English, she’s pretty good at it!
She even learned English the hard way with her five British companions as she rowed across the South Atlantic with a crew 3 years before her big crossing.
If you pay attention, and if she’s in good form, you’ll hear some remnants of her old British-Quebec accent as well. How original!

Mylène has already traveled as far as Xtapa, Paris, Charleston, San Francisco, Toronto, Chibougamau, Banff and Venice… in Quebec!
If the cost of transport and accommodation are covered, she will go anywhere!

She can even cross the St. Lawrence and Rivière des Prairies to Boucherville and Laval via the bridges to reach your audience! Although the tunnel can be quite an adventure! 

Yes, Mylène loves meeting young audiences and little rascals!
She loves children. She adapts her content to the level of the very young and the very old.
From kindergarten to 5th grade, her presentation is adapted. She talks about perseverance (without going into the whys and wherefores) and determination…