Alone on board but accompanied by an outstanding ground crew

Although, Mylene is alone on board to face the elements, she is supported by a team of professionals and efficient volunteers who are experienced and committed towards the goal.

A media team

Gaia Coretti
Press Communications ConsultantExpérience
After completing her Post Graduate studies in Italy, Australia, Germany, England and France, Gaia decided to settle in Brittany, France where Offshore Sailing is a religion.  Avid Surfer, Gaia will hit the waves anytime her schedule allows her to.  In addition to Italian as her mother tongue, Gaia speaks French, English and German.  Her Portfolio includes important events, among them, the Volvo Ocean Race,  Vendee Globe, Route du Rhum, Jacques Vabre Transatlantic race and Le Salon Nautique de Paris.
Gaia will cover the coordination of media communication for France.  She will also manage the Communications for the entire Lifecycle of the Transatlantic crossing event by being in constant touch with the Public Relations team in Montreal.  Gaia’s extensive experience in covering Major Offshore Sailing Races will greatly benefit Mylene and her audience by offering them a near live experience.

Patrick Mével 

Patrick Mével is a commercial and artistic photographer located in Montreal and soon in Quebec City. After higher studies in nuclear physics and Information Technology, and a brilliant international career, figuring out that his intellect had taken too much space versus his emotions, he decided to re-balance his two brain hemispheres by making his old passion for photography his job. Authentic in his personality and his work, he offers services to his private and professional clients mainly in the following areas: portrait, product, landscape, architecture, sport.


Patrick supports Mylene by providing her with professional photographs helping her to promote her adventure. Being thoughtful about presenting her – if possible – in her own environment, he realized a photo shoot at her place, and another one at the Montreal old port, very close to the water she likes so much. You will find these portraits on Patrick Mével Photograph Facebook’s page and on Mylene’s Facebook page.

Julie Cloutier
Graphic Designer
Julie Cloutier graduated as a commercial photographer and a graphic design. She spent many years in business, such as graphic design and marketing agencies. In 2004, she founded JC Design, a small graphic and webpage production business.
Julie assists Mylene with her website and with the design and production of corporate documents. She also creates new ways of communication for Mylene by incorporating to the website different communication tools that will highlight the partners, the sport and the environment. Julie a many new ideas and is looking forward to add these to the website.

Cecile Lazartigues-Chartier
Development and Strategic Consultant
Cecile has put Communications at the heart of her Career.  Throughout her Professional journey, she developed an expertise in Global Strategic Communication and International Development.  After completing her Graduate Studies in Europe, she decided to complement her portfolio by joining global reaching projects like Mylene’s Transat crossing endeavor.  By immersing herself in broad reaching and community Project, Cecile brings forward one of her most valued asset: the capacity to bring people together for a common cause.
Cecile brings value to Mylene’s Challenge, thanks to her experience, creativity and networking capabilities.  She is not only participating in the project, by, for example, searching for Sponsors, but also investing her time in tasks such as installing stickers on the boat.  All little things help to bring such a project to life, and those values are at the core to Cecile beliefs.

Administrative Team

Human Resources Consultant and Management
Benoit Marsan offers a wide range of specialized services to improve communications and decision making in various aspects of human resources and management. Benoit Marsan has experience in resolution and crisis management and the realization of complex projects.
Benoit Marsan offers Mylene management advice to maximize her potential and her ability to properly administer the project. Since crossing the Atlantic solo, is above all a team effort, he coaches Mylene in developing her  talents as « project manager » on land before taking off on the ocean.

Hermel Lavoie
Treasurer, administrator and technical support
was initially trained as a mechanic but he also owned two businesses for over 35 years in Rimouski. For 20 years, he was the owner of Mini Mécanik, specializing in small mechanical products and motorized recreational vehicles. He was also part-owner of a Ford dealership. Hermel holds an enviable experience in the field of business management and treasury. He was also involve in the sport of boating as a mechanic and a racer.
Hermel supports Mylene with his quick wit and creativity, on the technical side as well as the administrative one. As treasurer of the organization, he helps Mylene to make the right financial decisions to effectively manage the finances associated with a project of this magnitude.

Pierre Jolicoeur
Chartered Accountant
Pierre Jolicoeur is a chartered accountant since 1980, he specializes in meeting the demands of small and medium enterprises. He has been operating his own accounting firm since 1998, in l’Assomption. The College of l’Assomption, the Academy Francois Labelle, the Art Museum of Joliette, the Theatre Hector Charland and the Groupe Pierre Servicas have counted on Pierre for his administrative advice for numerous years. Pierre is a member of Group Servicas since 1996.
Pierre Jolicoeur offers accounting services and preparation of tax returns to Mylene and advises her on the financial side, which facilitates her decision making and increases the organization performance. As this project requires rigour in all its aspects, it goes without saying that good accounting is key to success.

Me Eric Besner, Ll.b.
Lawyer Counsel
Me Éric Besner is a member of the Quebec Bar since 1994. He works in private practice with the firm VACHON, MARTIN & BESNER, lawyers in Salaberry-de-Valleyfield. He has developed a diverse practice and work especially in the areas of municipal, civil and family law. An approach focused on finding solutions, consulting, listening and professionalism characterizes his client approach.
Me Besner is also a man who loves challenges, he has already sailed across the North Atlantic Ocean. He now wishes to provide Mylène, with his experience and knowledge in both the development of contracts and by his general recommendations.

Health Team

Dr. Sylvain Croteau, MD
Dr. Croteau graduated as a doctor in 1988 and worked at the Centre Hospitalier des Vallées de L’Outaouais and Buckingham Hospital. He also served as the Chief of Emergency CHVO-Gatineau for several years. In March 2011, he participated in an Atlantic crossing by row boat, between Morocco and Barbados, in an international team of 14 rowers.
Dr. Croteau will be available by satellite phone to assess and help maintaining Mylene’s health. He will be able to guide Mylene towards special treatments if her health condition requires it. He knows very well the conditions under which she will evolve during the challenge.

Frederic Dion
Finding his way back to civilization after being dropped in Northern Quebec without maps, GPS or food; running 33 marathons in seven weeks; and sailing countless nautical miles on the ocean are very different adventures but they all have been done by the same man, Frederic Dion. These are only a few of the challenges that Frederic has faced over the last 10 years. He firmly believes that with the right mind and preparation, every thing is possiblee.
Frederic would love to be in Mylene’s shoes but he can not, therefore the best next thing was to join the team. He will share with her his vast experience, his knowledge, his contacts et his endless energy. Frederic will be her personal coach.

Isabelle Hue
Ostéopathe DO. MROQ
Isabelle Hue graduated as a dental surgeon in 1981 and then as an osteopath in 2000. She is a member Quebec Osteopathy and also a professor at the Osteopath Center in Quebec (COQ).
Isabelle loves to travel and is really interested by sports and adventures. Mylene’s challenge intrigues her. She helps Mylene in her physical preparation to optimize her performance. She gives her personalized treatments to prepare her body for the gruelling challenge and also gives advice regarding her health.

Kerry Clahane, BA, PTS, CPTN-CPT, SCS, ND
Personal Trainer
Kerry Clahane is known for his personalized approach and his innovative and creative training. As owner and head coach at Ab-Solute Fitness, Kerry has been innovating the fitness industry since 2001. Skilled athlete, he enjoyed a career with the Concordia Stigners.
Kerry Clahane will ensure that Mylene keeps physically fit by her participation in a specialized program that meets the needs of this unusual sport. He will oversee the strengthening and development of the abdominal muscles, increased muscle mass and optimize muscle power more intensively in the weeks leading up Mylene’s big departure.

Mathieu Laine, Professional dietician
Program manager fuelling food and dietary
A competitive rower, Mathieu has been a professional dietary and sports micronutrientionist for many years. Mathieu has developed food programs for different types of tests and long endurance racing as; Rowing the Northwest Passage (Tico Expedition), the Transat Bouvet Guiana Oar, the Marathon des Sables, the Transat Jacques Vabre and none other than the Vendee Globe!
Using data recorded during workouts and parameters specific to the North Atlantic crossing in a row boat, Mathieu will prepare a personalized plan for rigorous refuelling in order to optimize athletic performance and facilitate Mylène’s recovery.

Christine Chenard, Professional dietician
Over the last 16 years, Christine has developed her expertise and gained invaluable experience in the areas of food freeze-dry process, menu planning and food logistics for expeditions of all kinds. A seasoned traveller and adventurer, she has continued to innovate and develop a range of meal products and approaches, with help and input from fellow adventurers. Her experience has enabled her to successfully plan and oversee the food preparation for expeditions to the North and South Poles, Baffin Island, for crossings of the Atlantic, and various mountain adventures around the world.
Christine will assist and collaborate with the dehydration and freeze-drying of food products required for this adventure. She will also provide a few Happy Yak dishes, her own little way to stay close and provide encouragement to Mylene during her trip.

Nanci Laframboise
Massage Therapist
Nanci has been an adept of long distance sea rowing for the last few years, she is also an adept runner, cycler and sailer. Nanci freshly graduated from Kine-Concept Institute of Montreal in Kinetic Swedish Massage, Shiatsu and Deep Tissue. She also trained in Thai massage at Wat Po Medical School in Thailand as well as training in Hawaiian Temple, Lomi Lomi Massage in Kauai, Hawaii. Nanci is involved in sports and social events, she is part of the team of massage therapists for the Iron Man of Mount Tremblant and also participates in the project “Massage therapist without borders”.
Nanci naturally offers Mylène specific treatments using different massage techniques and prepares her body and mind, in order to improve and maximize her performance during her long preparation.

Technical Team

Michel Meulnet, météorologue
Meteorologist & Weather Router
Michel Meulnet worked with several crews on the Pacific, Atlantic and Mediterranean seas, he has supported and supervised the road of several sailers, rowers and kayakers.
The weather router will aim to develop a route with our navigator and make better navigation decisions with her ​​throughout the course. He will contact Mylene on a daily basis to give her the forecast, the passing conditions on the area, the sea state, the strength and direction of the wind and by providing alternatives in case of deteriorating weather.

Benoit Villeneuve, PhD
Benoit Villeneuve is an Astrophysicist, University Teacher, Author and popularizes Scientific Articles for the General Population. He is also an Ocean Navigator who completed multiple Ocean Crossings.  Benoit created an entire Class for the Lifesaving Society of Quebec, and wrote a book called “Traverser l’océan à la voile” (Ocean Crossing on a Sailboat).  He is also a business owner named “Les Services Maritimes Latitude” which offers Boat Owners On-Demand Courses, Weather analysis and routing as well as Consulting services on Energy management and Communication Systems while at sea.

Benoit provided Recommendations on Energy Management for Mylene’s boat.  He also identified the sources and procedures for Mylene to gather weather information and analysis.  She then uses this information to make her Navigation decisions.  Finally, Benoit also helped configure Mylene’s on-board Computers, Peripherals and Satellite Phones which will be used to communicate her adventures live to the world.

Rejean Desgagnes, Naval architect and marine engineer
Rejean Desgagnes received his degree in naval architecture in 1978 from the University of Michigan. He conceived and designed many boats for racing and transporting passengers or cargo for the fishing industry. He had a career in international sailboat racing, during which he traveled over 28,000 nautical miles.

Rejean Desgagnes designed the modification made to Mylene’s row boat to include an ‘airlock’. This modification increases Mylene’s security while increasing the boat’s performance.

Pierre Drolet, Electrical Engineer B.Sc.A.
Electronic engineer and Electrician
Pierre Drolet is an electronic engineer, he worked primarily in telecommunications and manufacturing industries. Pierre Drolet is also a professor of electrical engineering technology at the Cegep of Limoilou. He participated in the development and implementation of several large projects in Canada, the United States and Africa.
Pierre will help prepare the boat, making sure to optimize the input power and the readiness of all electronic equipment. He will be available to answer the needs and technical support of Mylene Paquette during the crossing..